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Whether designing & remodeling a single room or building a new custom home, our clients want the finished space to be striking, comfortable, and efficient. It needs to fit the way they live. The process of achieving remodeling & construction goals should be smooth and successful as well. That's why it's so important to be sure the right design & build company has been selected.

What's the first step?

Before placing the first call to the Lifestyles team, take some time to consider exactly what it is you'd like to achieve. Most people call us with a rough idea of the project they want to complete and that's O.K. We enjoy helping people focus their ideas to uncover the solution to their remodeling and building needs.

During our first meeting, we'll discuss several key issues to help determine whether or not we can design a solution. We'll talk about the type of remodeling project or new home and the factors used to determine the need for it. To help organize your project expectations, we suggest making a list with two columns. In the first column include all the aspects of the project that are "must have". In other words, the items or things that must be included in order to move forward with the project. The second column should be the "dream column". It should include anything else you would like to see in the project if money were no object. The list will help us determine what your design and remodeling or building priorities are during our discussion.

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    • -Why are you considering a remodeling project?
    • - How will the space be used?
    • - Who will be the primary user(s) of the space?
    • - What effects are you expecting this project to have in your home?
    • - How will this project affect your day to day life during construction?
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    • - How long have you been considering this remodeling project?
    • - How long do you plan on remaining in this home?
    • - Do you have plans or designs? Have you selected any finishes?
    • - What is your time frame for completing this project?
    • - How much have you budgeted for this remodeling project?
    • - What kind of return do you expect from this home improvement investment?
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    • Perhaps the most important question we'll ask is:
    • - Why are you considering this remodeling project?
    • We also offer our prospective clients the opportunity to ask us plenty of questions as well. A remodeling project can have significant impact on the daily life of a family. Remodeling of any kind is typically a substantial investment and, like any investment, requires adequate research.
For Your Next Remodeling Project…

We encourage prospective clients to ask:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you belong to any trade or consumer associations?
  • What kind of projects does your company typically undertake?
  • Can you provide references?
  • How will the project payment be structured?

We encourage prospective clients to ask:

  • Were the employees and subcontractors easy to get along with?
  • Did the contractor maintain a neat and organized jobsite?
  • as the contractor prompt and on time?
  • Were there any communication problems with the contractor?
  • Did the contractor complete the project on time?
  • How did the contractor handle change orders or unexpected circumstances?
  • Did the finished project match the original design?
  • Would you hire this company again?

The next phase of the discussion will focus on the process we use to design, plan, and build your remodeling project. We'll describe the design and planning phase and the fee involved in producing the plans and material selections. The build, or construction phase, will be discussed and we'll talk about the two year warranty that Lifestyles offers on all of its remodeling projects.

Is there a fee for the first appointment?

No, there is no charge for the initial consultation. One of our remodeling associates or design specialists will meet with you at your home to evaluate the project you have in mind. Once we determine whether or not we can help you produce your remodeling project, we'll discuss our design process and the fees involved. At this time, we'll outline the steps we'll need to take to move to the next phase.

When is the decision to use Lifestyles Custom Homes & Remodeling made?

At the conclusion of the first meeting, the remodeling associate or design specialist will recap the discussion and confirm that we've answered all questions the prospective client may have. If there are issues that still need to be resolved or require more time to investigate, we may schedule a second appointment. Typically, clients will make the decision of whether or not Lifestyles is the contractor of choice for their project within these two meetings.

Interviewing is about leveling the playing field among possible remodeling companies you might use. When considering multiple contractors, it's important to assess companies using identical requirements. We ask questions so that we might clearly understand what your needs and desires are. It's important that other prospective remodeling firms evaluate the same needs and desires as well. We will discuss your budget and your expectations. We will look at your existing structure to make sure the project is achievable. In addition, you will be encouraged to ask us questions so that you might get a feel for our ability to handle your kind of project.

Remodeling, after all, should be a partnership between the homeowner and the remodeling team. Together, we will form a dynamic, creative relationship. We will attentively identify your objectives and assemble the right mix of skills and resources to meet those objectives. We continually strive to exceed your expectations. At the end of the interview process, you will know if Lifestyles Custom Homes & Remodeling is the remodeling company for you.

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